This page gives you a flavour of the Customers we've worked with and the types of projects completed.

We are flexible as to whether we take responsibility for the development of an application, or work alongside other developers as part of a team. 

We also carry out work on a "white-label" basis for other companies & design-agencies, where our involvement in specific projects is kept confidential.

Click Databases

Joined Click Databases’ project team to develop a new business-to-business web application, using Microsoft’s MVC Framework, to automate data-intensive, process-driven activities, for one of Click’s clients.


Development of bespoke administrative software for TNA’s e-learning systems and assessments, using Microsoft’s MVC Framework.

AVT Connect

Development of bespoke web applications to support AVT Connect's work in live event production.  Using Microsoft's MVC Framework on the server and JavaScript in the browser.


Technical support of Trackpal’s automated search and social media reporting and data collection system for marketers, researchers and analysts.

9 Yards Creative

Kentico CMS performance optimisation and development work for digital media agency 9 Yards Creative.


Ongoing development & modifications to Sil-Mid's Kentico CMS ecommerce web site for industrial products such as adhesives, sealants & lubricants.

Apple Beam

Analysis of an ASP.NET web site for standards compliance, security & efficiency for Apple Beam.

Colemans Workwear

Subcontract programming to Emineo Designs, for the ecommerce functionality of a web site for Colemans Workwear.  Using ASP.NET and C#.


Implementation of a Kentico Content Management System for use by the Medical Architecture Research Unit (MARU) at London South Bank University (LSBU) to facilitate dialogue between MARU alumni with news, events, research and project information.

Badgers Tennis Club

Bespoke development of a court booking application for Badgers Tennis Club in Brighton & Hove.

Pharmaceutical Portfolio Optimisation

Development of product porfolio optimisation software, to help pharmaceutical companies make decisions about the optimal sales force resource to be allocated to products in a portfolio.